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FOSS is a labor union for public servants in southern Iceland. Its area of operation extends from the Ölfus municipality to Hornafjörður. The new look had to appeal to a large and diverse group and also identify with the brand.

A logo that needed updating

No overall appearance existed originally except for the logo, which was designed in the 1980s and had a general use of dark red color. In order to create a new overall look for FOSS, it was necessary to review the emblem, decide on a new color palette, create a photography policy, a drawing style and the website.

Update for Digital Reality

The original FOSS emblem was not suitable for main digital media as the emblem had not been changed for 40 years. The main characteristics of the logo were preserved, but the logo as a whole was simplified. The result was a new logo that resembles the old one, but now meets all modern requirements for scalability, both on the web and in print.

A Fitting Color

Red is still the main color of FOSS, but the change was made from dark red to a flattering and strong color that is suitable for both print and screen. The new red color was chosen for its versatility and in collaboration with FOSS.

To ease the creation of publishable material, we defined a photo policy; friendly and cozy pictures of people and the environments of the municipalities mixed with diverse drawings of the people.

A Brand New Web

The website was designed around VEVA, a content management system (CMS) designed by Advania. The FOSS website was also developed by Advania and is a good example of our ongoing partnership with them. VEVA gives FOSS complete control over the content with an effective UI and design system.  

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