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GG is a store that offers everything you need for the outdoors, whether you are hiking Hvannadalshnjúkur for the third time or going camping with your family. We redesigned the GG brand and designed a new online website with a new focus.

The process

When it comes to brand redesign or rebranding, it is important to gather information and make decisions systematically Fast changes can put the brand at risk, so it's important to be sure and so we gather information from several sources and analyze it.

  • Interviews and store analysis
  • User and target audience analysis
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Findings processed and presented for GG Sport

Firm brand with a clear vision

The focus was to position GG sport clearly and clearly as a brand that allows its customers to enjoy nature. With that in mind, the logo was inspired by the landscape and nature of iceland to create a simple, versatile and understandable logo.

A natural brand

The brand's appearance is inspired from nature and the outdoor experience. Low-key earth colors that refer to elements, clothing, and intended to create trust and warmth towards the brand.

Web design that works

GG Sport sets out to provide quality and personalized advice on a massive range of products. To achieve the same effect, we empathised with the user and designed product categories and range with their needs in mind. The user's experience should be a clear and simple process in which they feel that GG is familiar with their needs.

Light and accessible web design

GG sport is for all those who want to experience Iceland's nature. The goal is to make not only nature accessible but the equipment needed to enjoy it. That effect is achieved through comfortable and accessible colours, fonts and designs that expect the needs of the average user.

No matter where you are or where you are going, the GG website is suitable for all screens and situations. It may be too late to order hiking shoes once you're on the mountain, but it's still an option.

Photography Policy

The photography policy emphasizes that the photos include ordinary people enjoying life and nature. We don't just want to celebrate the big climbs or achievements, we want to celebrate all the victories, big and small. Thrainn Kolbeinson took the photos in the summer of 2020 on his trip around Iceland.

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Hönnunarkerfi sem einfaldar vinnu og sparar tíma.



Hönnunarkerfi sem einfaldar vinnu og sparar tíma.


GG sport

Hönnunarkerfi sem einfaldar vinnu og sparar tíma.

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Hönnunarkerfi sem einfaldar vinnu og sparar tíma.