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Nóri is a smart-solution between coaches and parents of children in sports where the user can access schedules, training tables, report falls and keep track of communication.

The design is accessible and easy to use for two very different user groups, coaches and parents, who have specific goals but different needs. These requirements were studied and defined so that they could be better met.

Logo Nóri

The design takes everyone's requirements into account by conveying its core intention with descriptive messages in a bright environment. The information is always right at hand and is not hidden behind design or notifications.

Information is always on hand and doesn't hide behind a design or message. Thus, the user's potential is clear at any given time and the means of communication, both between parents and coaches, are always clear.

Endurmörkun logo
Endurmörkun litaval

Digital rebranding

The brand was originally ill-suited for digital life However,, it was reimagined for its main use case with an emphasis on a simple and clear UX. The decision was made to make the letter “N” the basis of the logo, using lines to indicate movements.

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