Raising awareness for reflective badges

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Icelandic Advertising Awards

Gold - Posters & Signage


Samgöngustofa X 66° North



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We teamed up with BIEN to raise awareness of the use of reflective badges in the dark. The campaign was done in close collaboration with The Icelandic Transport Authority and 66° North a leading apparel company in Iceland.

The task at hand was to create a visual world that would appeal to individuals aged between 16 and 30 years old and encourage them to consider the importance of reflective wear and badges. Our goal was to create a campaign that would stand out, be relevant, fun and bold.The campaign rolled in 2 awards, one gold at the Icelandic Advertising Awards in the category of posters and signage and one silver at FÍT awards (Graphic design association) in the category of poster design.

Raising awareness on the importance of reflective material

Besides creating a appealing campaign to raise awareness of the importance of reflective materials, we offered free reflective stickers in selected 66°North stores. Additionally, emphasis was placed on presenting, selling, and promoting new reflective apparel lines and branded merchandise available for purchase.

Social responsibility

With the collaboration with The Icelandic Transport Authority the goal was to underscore their new focus on social responsibility as well as what the future holds for 66° North. Image and outreach.

All images were photographed by Ari Magg
With help from 66° North we would raise the outreach for The Icelandic Transport Authority and help them get a better access to their target group for future project.

Visual world

All marketing materials, images, videos, etc., were strategically designed to emphasize:

- Brand identity/image of 66°Norður

- The significance of utilizing reflective wear

- Highlighting that a government institution like the Icelandic Transport Authority has the capability and courage to engage in unconventional campaigns/collaborations, supported by evidence-based strategies, contributing to making the Transport Authority a sought-after partner in projects, big or small


Attention was drawn to the specially crafted billboards and signs where reflective content was intricately woven into every aspect of the visuals. Through this, we aimed to showcase the impact of simple reflective branding even in the darkest of winter days.

Through a holistic approach, our campaign not only promoted reflective wear but also fostered a sense of social responsibility and partnership between 66°North and the Icelandic Transport Authority, resonating with our target audience's values and aspirations.

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