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As a startup, your product is not yet complete, and you are looking for visionaries with the same values as you. Branding is even more necessary in this situation to show confidence in your product and communicate correctly the values you are looking for.

Get Ráðgjöf started as a startup focused on creating digital connections between all real-world assets of a company to facilitate their better management and make the daily workload lighter. And we offered them our specific solutions for startups.

One of our central focuses is to understand the specific requirements that our clients have. And startups are in a singular position that already established companies are not. Therefore, we direct the efforts to the aspects the company needs in each phase. The key to brand development is over-time progress and growth.

Neglected or ineffective branding is one of the most common causes of startup failure

Branding helps establish your business as a reputable part of your industry and attract investors, and later on, new customers. And having a good product is not enough. We create a branding strategy to make your company and product stand out from the rest of your competitors. While following a strategy, we also ensure all the parts of the new company go forward in the same direction to avoid dying from success later on.

A competent company needs a competent brand

Synia has a competitive product. The challenge was that their current branding didn’t match with their company’s strengths, their innovative product and their expertise within the field. Their name was ambiguous, their communication complicated, and the resulting aesthetics trivial.

We started by developing a strategy solely applicable to them, a foundation to follow on all decision-making points based on their company aspects (vision, values, market, and competitors). Then we solidified the strategy with a new naming, new tone of voice, and new visuals. Once we had the guidelines, we focused on creating startup-relevant materials Synia specifically needed in this first phase: a value proposition document, a pitch deck, and business cards.

Moreover, we also deliver an online branding guideline. It contains all the necessary information to use the brand by anyone, designers and non-designers alike. This means that our clients don’t lose their initial investment in design, because by using this online brand guide, the brand does not lose quality or consistency after the handoff.

We saw the opportunity and took the leap

We saw Synia’s development potential. We decided to take the chance to test the new branding on their actual digital products, to show them our vision of how they could take further advantage of their startup’s situation, product, and industry’s market.

We created a prototype of their digital product with improvements in accessibility and user interface elements and applied their new brand look. Furthermore, we also created a prototype of a website with all their main selling points and revised copywriting, ready to be developed.

A powerful start turns into an easier future

At the end of the initial phase of this project, Synia has a stronger presence in the market, with a solid strategy direction. They have the knowledge and tools to keep their company’s communication ongoing and growing. And we had shared with them more opportunities on how to improve their product’s potential and presence on the market.

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