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Making an Overview of Accounts Easy for the Clients of BYKO

Easy Overview

The objective was to increase user control and oversight over their accounts, information, orders and relevant information without having to contact a service representative. These pages allow users to view their special offers, addresses and pick-up locations, register evaluators and new users and provide a billing overview. BYKO conducted a needs analysis that guided the features and requirements that users wanted to see.

3 Screens in a row, showing the dashboard.
Byko website on 3 smartphones.

Grid based design using striking colors

The dashboard was designed in accordance with the grid based system utilized in Byko’s design system while making use of striking colors to direct the user’s attention and improve user experience.

The result is the service page "My Pages" where the user can control most things related to their transactions with BYKO. Service levels and user experience increased without causing further workload on staff.

2 screens showing the dashboard.
Grid system shown on a screen.

Color schema of Byko.

Dashboard shown on several mobile screens

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