Streamlining the internet signup experience at Nova

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Our role

Web design


User experience


Nova faced the need to integrate two different sign-up processes that hampered productivity. By combining the client facing and the employee facing solutions, we were able to create a transparent, user friendly process that worked for everyone involved.

The stated aim of the project was to increase self service by users and lower the need for human resources on processes which could be easily automated.  We started the project by analysing assets and user flows in the hopes of optimising the process. During this step, user persona's and use cases were generated from data and first hand knowledge from NOVA. This allowed us to ascertain the precise needs of most users during each step, at what point certain questions and issues would arise so that we could head them off.

A flowchart of app screen

Increasing addons

Once the user journey had been mapped we set about systematically addressing the measurable goals of the project. One of them was to increase the additional products and services the users purchased. This was achieved by showcasing relevant information within the UI and recommending products based on information gathered about the user. The information gathered was supplied by the users themselves, and so was in complete compliance with privacy concerns. But by simply matching the users with products and services they might need according to their information we managed to, for example, increase Wi-Fi extenders by 78%.

 An open laptop, showing the Nova website
 An open and askew laptop, showing the Nova website.

Optimizing performance

The designs may look good, but they must also perform up to our standards. So we tested our designs thoroughly to make sure everything is working as intended. During the testing process we discovered bugs, and UX challenges we would not have discovered otherwise. What is discovered is fixed and then the new design is tested as well until we reach acceptable thresholds. This process is at least a part of the reason why Fiber internet sales increased by 22% after our design's were implemented.

A smartphone leans on a wall, showing the Nova website.
A smartphone leans on a wall, showing the Nova website.

User friendly assurance

We sought feedback from the employees as the intent was to have this new flow make their job easier, while providing new options for the end user. The new flow and design tested well with these users and after implementation there has been a record 39% drop in call ins for assistance which drastically lowers the need for human resources in the process. There have also been recorded 59% fewer drop offs while signing up meaning more users are sticking with the process and buying more products and services.

A group of people sit at a table, working on their laptops.

Proven performance

After implementing our designs, Nova has reported massive increase in their most important metrics, detailed below.


Increase in wifi extender sales


Increase on fiber internet


Fewer drop offs while signing up


Fewer call ins for help

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