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The Icelandic Web Awards

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2019 - 2021

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The bot knows the customers needs and ensures that they are safely insured.

Vörður is an Icelandic insurance company that has established itself as a leading digital service through a detailed digital strategy and well-planned user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). Designing a user friendly bot that advises the user and makes sure that they are properly insured.The bot provides personal service, is always available and can talk to thousands of customers at the same time.

Teiknistíll Varðar

Data-based Recommendations

The consultant creates a recommendation analysis based on data from the insurance needs of customers. He works in two ways. First, he helps customers set up the right insurance so that they can get a quote. Secondly, he notifies existing customers if important coverage is missing. For example, if an important protection for the house property is missing, the user can fix on “my pages.”

Viðmót í appi
Viðmót í appi

Emphasis on the overall experience

Throughout the work, great emphasis was placed on the user experience being friendly and clear and the bot being simple. It’s important that the user understands the process from start to finish. A great deal of effort was placed into optimising the user experience to its fullest potential. This resulted in the bot receiving an award from the Icelandic Web Academy (SVEF) for Design and Interface of the Year.

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