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In collaboration with Big Bad Goose, agency based in San Francisco, we undertook the challenge of designing Walmart's extensive advertising ecosystem. With Walmart operating multiple stores, using various platforms such as store TV’s, e-commerce and app, managing their ad campaigns had become a large and complex challenge.

Our mission was to develop a comprehensive Ads Manager solution that not only streamlined the complexities of their advertising operations but also provided a user-centric experience tailored to their users.

Audience creator

Central to our design approach was the Audience Creator, a feature designed to simplify the process of defining target demographics. Through research and iterative prototyping, we designed an intuitive interface that helps users through the audience creation process seamlessly. By offering full control over demographic criteria such as age, location, interests, and purchasing behaviors, advertisers can tailor their target audience with ease.

Intuitive Segment Creator

Recognizing the importance of segmentation in effective advertising

We prioritized the development of an Intuitive Segment Creator within the platform. Leveraging principles of human-centered design, we crafted a user-friendly interface that allows advertisers to effortlessly create and manage audience segments. By employing drag-and-drop functionality and customizable filters, users can segment their target audience based on a diverse range of attributes, including demographics, browse behaviors, and purchasing history. This intuitive approach not only enhances the efficiency of campaign targeting but also enables advertisers to explore new market opportunities and refine their strategies for optimal results.

Addressing the challenge of initiating the audience creation process from scratch

We implemented a seamless Cold Start experience within the solution. By breaking down complex tasks into manageable steps and providing clear instructions along the way, we empower users to overcome the initial learning curve with confidence. Furthermore, adaptive learning algorithms and personalized recommendations help users navigate the platform more effectively, ensuring a smooth transition from onboarding to active campaign management.

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