User friendly redesign of Nova’s loyalty program

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2021 - 2022

Our role

App design


User experience


Nova is a telecommunication company that operates one of the most successful loyalty programs with a plethora of 2 for 1 deals partnering with many companies along with other popular offers.

Nova has been at the forefront of not only innovating fintech and telecommunications but also mental health and cognitive loads. Jökulá played a vital part in achieving their objective to respond to their users' needs and desires more efficiently.

FyrirÞig means Foryou

Emphasis on good mental health

Cultivate yourself, treat yourself are a few words that Nova has used to create a discussion in mental health. Nova has put a lot of effort into the community taking care of your health and especially your mental health, from encouraging you to put down your phone to being aware of body respect. This year, they launched the ForYou campaign, which emphasized that you do something for yourself and that's what the whole loyalty program is all about.

New Priorities, New Challenges

With this shift in focus came new challenges that the older app could not handle. Therefore, a full transformation of the app had to be undertaken. It was suggested to keep all the features the app had but to redesign how the app is browsed. As a result, work began on redesigning the route network, improving the experience and putting a new fresh look on the overall app that aligns with the journey Nova has been on.

What does this mean?

This project redefined how some features were symbolized and communicated. Features were portrayed in a manner that emphasized their uniqueness and their utility for the user.

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