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The National University Hospital of Iceland required an app that allows patients to access and manage information about their admission in a simple and convenient way.

The project is carried out in collaboration with Advania, which is responsible for the development of the app. Jökulá was commissioned to continue with iteration and continued design.

Improved patient experience

The app displays information regarding patients' stay at the hospital. Patients can see and maintain an overview of admissions, arrivals, tests and appointments. They can record allergy information, see the status of research, get an overview everything as well as granting access to others.

Active participation

In the app, various information  is collected and communicated directly to the patient to improve their experience, increase their sense of security and even enable them to participate more actively in their own treatment.

A competitive analysis of the development of a simple and convenient appointment for patients was carried out.

Simpler communication

With the app,  the patient should feel like he's part of the team that's caring for him. There is more automation and increased transparency as the patient is informed about what is being done at any given time and what is ahead. A patient can always send messages to the ward staff, the messages will appear on the department's desktop and are available to all of the patient's therapists.

Continuous development

The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Play store. The app is also constantly evolving and more versions are coming up with improved features.

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