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The Icelandic web awards

Nomination - Digital Solution




2018 - 2020

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Design system


User experience


Web design


"My pages" at Price are one of the main and most important customer interfaces with the company. When designing them, we focused on having the site accessible and user-friendly where users could view, edit and improve their assurances.

Priority is given to the user.

Vörður intends to become a leader in digital solutions among insurance companies in Iceland. To achieve this goal, it was necessary that new and improved My pages make the user a priority. The user's needs and expectations will thereby be key in the design of the system.

Functionality, co-ordination, and simplicity

On My Pages you can do everything possible about your insurance. You can review, modify, and improve your insurance without consulting a salesperson or consultant. The user is behind the wheel.

A design that drives operation

The design is a simple, stylish and powerful mix of clear drawings and understandable processes. The processes were thoroughly tested by users and experts to create the best possible experience. A better experience results in further use, which likewise results in easier sales for Vörður.


Comprehensive changes to Vörður's web presence with a consistent design system, a robust e-consultant and a clear My pages have increased customer choice and reduced the strain on Vörður's human resources.


increase in the number of logins


fewer calls


fewer walk ins


fewer emails

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