Case study - Vörður design system

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Case study - Vörður design system

Vörður reduced the number of calls and increased satisfaction with digital solutions that make it easier for the customer to service themselves.

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A difficult market where advantage is everything

Vörður provides good insurance in a hard market where share and profit are constantly fought. Vördur's vision is to become customers' best choice when it comes to products and services in the insurance market and foremost in digital solutions among insurance companies.

Part of this vision was to reduce the burden on Vördur's human resources and enable customers to see everything about their insurance, when they are to be paid, what they are paying, what they are insured for, for how long, reported damages and so on.

What We Did

Jökulá designed an experience for Vördur's customers with a harmonized design system that creates one view of Vörður's world. The user learns all the imagery of the brand and understands how and where he can find the information he wants to see.

By putting the user's experience first, you can design processes around their needs and situations. The user can therefore take care of his insurance and have great control over them without the involvement of an employee. The user sees his insurance and interacting with Vörður as a gateway world where everything is both simple and convenient.

Fewer calls - better service

By facilitating all experiences and interfaces, the pressure on Vördur's employees is reduced and the customer receives service on their terms at their convenience. Customers don't have to wait in line to get their issues resolved. Whether the customer is asking questions about insurance or reporting damages, they can conduct their business exactly as they wish. All customers are number one in line and receive an appropriate service.

Savings & Profits

The customer service is the same and they always have the choice to talk to a person if they want to. But the majority of customers take advantage of the automated services which has resulted in a satisfying development.  

From the time my sites were implemented in January 2020 to April 2020.

This optimization has occurred without decreasing service levels or increasing expenses as a result. Investing in experience was quick to pay off in increased satisfaction and better service.

The Importance of Experience

The user's experience with this kind of automated system is the basis for the service's success. If the user's experience is not put first, there is a risk that the experience of others will sneak into priority in their place. The user has needs and requirements that the experience must meet. As an insurance company, Vörður needs to inspire trust in imagery and choice of words, while at the same time being open to the user's needs.

This line is hard to walk, especially when the needs of others might seem more important. The needs of vendors, managers, lawyers, and developers involved in the solution might seem more important, but at the end of the day, it's the user experience the only thing that matters. It is the user who uses the solution and thus chooses not to use other, human, solutions. Only the user decides if your solution is worth the investment.

A good user experience is a long journey

A good user experience is the basis of a digital journey, and it's a journey that never ends. It can always be improved, it is always possible to expand services and make the process less painful for the user. It only happens through constant testing, appendices and by listening.

A focus on a good user experience results in better service, increased trust and brand awareness. Investing in the user experience therefore creates not just beautiful designs, but opportunities for optimization and creation of new customers.

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