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2022 - 2023

Our role

Web design


Orkan is gas station company based in Iceland. Orkan recently started a campaign to increase automation and implement new, digital solutions for their customers, necessitating an update to their website to support the ongoing integration of further technological solutions. This required updating their website to support the implementation of these solutions.

Jökulá was tasked with setting up a design system that Orkan could use for all digital solutions. The design system was also used for the overall redesign of the new website, which Jökulá was in charge of as well. In addition, the application process for fuel cards and customer pages was re-evaluated, with the aim of maximizing automation for customers and Orkan staff.

Consistent branding through design

Orkan recently updated their branding and with the new website, they wanted to ensure consistency between the brand, marketing material, website and digital solutions. Orkan's commitment to sustainability was also emphasized on the new website.

Orkan's branding is lively and playful, with the color pink playing a major role. Therefore, it was important for the pink color to be prominent on the new website.

Orkan's font is a big part of their branding and marketing material, and it was given a new role on the website. Different variations of the font are used in large headlines to give the website a fun personality.

Efficient tool for everyone

The project resulted in a design system that can expand and adapt in line with Orkan's digital journey, a website that reflects their lively and distinctive brand, and a foundation that Orkan can use for their ongoing digital development.

Ongoing co-operation

The site was designed with Advania's content management system, VEVA, which is yet another example of a successful collaboration between Advania and Jökulár.

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