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Following the rebranding and digital journey, the SAA had to rethink its image on digital media.

Modern and crisp appearance

SA's website became a communication tool that amplifies the company's voice in the business sector. It has now become more versatile, readable and snappy where articles, photos and videos can make their point.

Trusted medium and accessible information source

SA's website is a medium and information source and therefore needs to reflect trust, reliability and a certain vision for the future. Information is communicated to users in a clear and robust manner, and all content and interfaces have been simplified. The interface became lighter with more accessible fonts and accessibility was paid for with a simpler sitemap.  

Special Area for Special Topics

A new area we call "Special Issues" has been added to the site. There, SA can impress on the big issues by creating a separate page for specific issues that are going on and burning people. Then there is a separate landing page for each issue where the subject is set up, the results of the surveys are shown, and you can also get news in related to the issue. Then, instead of Continue which has been going on, they will be quicker to express SA's point of view and then be in direct contact with their users.

Labour market website become part of the whole

SA's labour market website was heavily worn out from the web and has now become part of the whole. A labour market website allows users and member organisations to view their rights through instructional videos and articles as well as advertisements for events.


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